A guide to getting a job in Swongsim. Spin&Go offers a free variance calculator (Spins).

Spin&Go and various Spins variants are a widely dispersed style of poker. To remove the “luck element” from these tournament results and provide a more accurate reflection of your skill level, the software Swongsim was developed using ChipEV. Read this post to learn about strategies for dealing with it.

Specifications of the Software

Everyone is aware that Spin has a huge volatility, yet that doesn’t stop many poker players from playing them regularly and making money.

ChipEV (the average amount of chips won each event) is utilized instead of monetary success in this game’s evaluation.

You should also see this figure from a great distance. Any tracker will show you the truth. Swongsim may be used in conjunction with the variance simulator to determine:

How many Spins per month can one roughly anticipate at a certain distance and ChipEV while confined to a specific room?

While playing at the same ChipEV, how do rake and rakeback affect earnings?

Do ChipEV and playing distance have any effect on earnings?

What kind of ChipEV does zero-sum play necessitate?

What happens to these numbers when you play Spin in multiple rooms, at different restrictions, using both the traditional and the speedier tournament format?

What percentage of distances may be “under-raised” or “over-raised” with a certain ChipEV.

Lovers of visual representations may store graphical representations of simulation outcomes.

Despite this, Swongsim is available for no cost and has English-language help over at the 2+2 forum.

Interface in Swongsim

The exe.file may be double-clicked to launch the software immediately, with no installation required. The “Settings” menu item is selected automatically.

Positions for swingasm.

How many times you’ve played the game and how far you’ve gone.

Spins Type Selector Context Menu. The rake and multiplier are shown once you choose it below.

Benefit-to-cost ratio (without rakeback).

The rakeback percentage.

A return on investment via rakeback.

Tournaments Buy-In.

ChipEV size selection button. The indications in items 3 and 4 are computed mechanically based on it.

Chip EV Swongsim.

If your event has a unique format, you may adjust it here as well.

After selecting “Run fresh,” Swongsim will compute the likelihood of achieving specified ROI levels based on the input indicators and display the results in the “Text Output” tab.

For the output of Swongsim Text, use:

Turning on the “VisualizerEV “‘s Chip Mode will display the difference graphically.

Graf Swongsim

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