A list of the best five Russian poker software packages

It has long been unthinkable to conceive of the existence of any regulation without poker software and services. Even while some poker purists have been more worried in recent years about the potential benefits of poker software that they consider “too complex,” such software may still prove useful. To help you become a better poker player in the year 2022, we have compiled a list of the top five poker programs available in Russian right now.

Five of the Best Russian Poker TV Shows

Poker players in Russia have access to a wide variety of poker-related software, but five categories stand out as the most popular for usage both during and after games.

Poker Scorekeepers.

Everyone who has even a passing familiarity with contemporary internet poker has heard about Holdem Manager 3 or Poker Tracker 4. These are tried-and-true applications for generating HAD and analyzing both your own and your opponents’ play.

Hand2Note is the most outspoken of the newer generation of trackers. Many of H2N’s new features are tailored to the needs of high-stakes players.

Thus, cashiers with limitations of NL200 or above may be suggested Hand2Note. PokerStars, 888 Poker, iPoker, and the Winning Network are all compatible with the software. H2N is the only tracker in the Chico skins that can send HUD data straight to the tables.

Apart for PT4, all other trackers are Russian poker software references.


Calculator with oRanges.

Equilab and Flopzilla are two well-known examples of popular calculator applications. We may offer the Russified software oRanges Calculator for dealing with ranges in Hold’em as a recent domestic advancement in this field. What it offers:

The program retails for $15 and comes with Russian language support.

The GTO Simulations

Easy Postflop

GTO simulators are the most advanced and costly poker training software available. This is because utilizing these simulators involves a lot of work on the part of the player to interpret the results of the complex computations, which may take a long time and a lot of computer resources.

Easy Postflop is the most well-known of these simulations.


There are a lot of situations that come up throughout the course of the game when we are at a table with an opponent for whom we have no stats in our tracker. Determine the types of “fish” that can be caught with the use of these specialized services. Statname is the safest option.

As compared to its primary rivals, this poker statistics service offers many perks:

Our post on Statname goes into much detail on the last point.

Software for modifying clients

Arrangement for Poker.

Poker players are well-known to be less than ideal customers. The software saves the day by giving the players complete control over the tables, including the visual design and the accessibility of multi-tabling features.

These kind of programs are developed independently for each space. The likes of iPoker, Party Poker, and 888 Poker now support this kind of software.

A state of withdrawal.

Obviously, there is too much poker software out there for a single post to cover it all. Yet any regulator who is honing his craft and who wants to optimally manage the game and, of course, win regularly, has to have access to the tools and services we discussed today.

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  • This text discusses the importance of poker software and services in the regulation of the game, specifically focusing on the top five poker programs available in Russian in 2022. It highlights the use of trackers, calculators, GTO simulations, specialized services for poker statistics, and software for modifying clients. The text concludes by providing contact information for further inquiries.

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