Aces of the Lake Tournament returns to Puerto Varas

Enthusiasts of this exciting mind sport will be delighted to learn that the Aces of the Lake Championship will be held in the beautiful city of Puerto Varas on June 24-25 > held. The entry fee is 300,000 Chilean Pesos and re-entry is possible, with heavy participation expected from players from Chile and across the continent.

Ace of the Lake refers to the beautiful Lake Rankiwe, which is a feature of the City of Roses. This will be a great opportunity to enjoy the excitement of poker while admiring the natural beauty of this southern Chilean city.

The return of a tournament of this magnitude to Puerto Varas is a big deal for an event of this magnitude, which has not been held at the venue since 2017. Previously, the location had become an iconic stop on the dream casino scene, attracting big-name players.

One of the recent highlights in the history of the Puerto Varas Poker Tournament was the Andres Vega victory in 2016. Sunday Million winner Vega took home CL$6,480,000 in one of his memorable Dream Poker Tour events.

The following is the structure of the blinds for this tournament, expect to add some side games. Players start with 20,000 chips and blinds increase every 40 minutes. Extended registration and re-entry capabilities end before the tenth level begins.

So if you’re passionate about poker or just want to enjoy some exciting action, mark your calendars for June 24th and 25th and don’t miss out on Aces of the Lake Tournament at Puerto Las Vegas. This will be a can’t-miss event that will reignite the excitement of the game and put the city back on the map for the major poker tournaments in the country. Get ready to experience the magic of poker in Puerto Varas!

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