Alexey Ponyakov wins his second Mega Millions at PokerOK

Alexey Ponyakov wins his second Mega Millions at P...

Another hugely popular tournament in the poker world came to a close at PokerOK. As you might have guessed, this is the Mega Millions event.

In this example, the buy-in is $10,300, the deposit is $1,000,000, the event has 185 participants, and the final prize pool is $1,850,000.

We recently reported that Latvian poker player Alexey Ponjakov was the chip leader with 3,891,020 chips (77.8 BB) in the tournament pre-finals.

As you can see, Alexey managed to maintain his lead and become the undisputed champion of the race. The Latvian won his second Millionaire Championship for $376,033. The event’s runner-up was Austrian poker player “TouchSomeGrass” who finished second with $294,844.

Last year’s Millionaire runner-up, Brazilian Pedro Garagnani, finished eighth in the event for $68,510. Another Austrian poker player, Thomas Mülloker, came in 11th with $33,920.

The heads-up competition is very intense. Towards the end of the final hand, the Austrian slowly started winning back his chips. The final hand of the tournament could change everything for TouchSomeGrass. The Austrian poker player bet preflop with the Ace Six of Hearts (A♥-6♥) and was called by Ponjakov with the mixed A 4 (A♠-4♥). The player will receive the following cards: A ♦-7◆-4♣-2♥-3♠. Poniakov got two pair and became the champion.

Alexey Ponyakov wins his second Mega Millions at P...

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  • Armstrong.delpha

    This text provides information about the Mega Millions poker tournament at PokerOK, highlighting the success of Latvian player Alexey Ponjakov as the champion. It also mentions the runners-up and describes the final hand that led to Ponjakov’s victory with a two pair.

  • This text provides an overview of the Mega Millions poker tournament held at PokerOK, highlighting the winners and their prize money. It also describes the intense final hand of the tournament between Austrian and Latvian players, resulting in the Latvian player becoming the champion with two pairs.

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