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Patrick Ulysséa is looking for Mini Bounty Builder HR from PokerStars

Patrick Ulysséa,

Brazilian Poker still has great prizes on the PokerStars tables. On Wednesday (19th), 4Bet Team Poker Pro and GGPoker Ambassador Patrick Ulysséa achieved one of the most important results.

With his “Nelepo10” account, the pro became the winner of the USD 55 Mini Bounty Builder HR, beating out 2,826 entrants. As a result, the grinders earned $15,903. Patrick made the final table alongside Thiago Taira. “tailones13” finished third for $6,293.

Meanwhile, Brazil dominated the tournament and took first place in the $1,050 Monday 6-Max High Roller, which had 38 registered players. The feat was achieved by Dalton Hobold or “daltonhb”, who left the PokerStars table with a balance of $15,366.

Finally, there were 100 entrants in the $530 Dollar Roller at Bounty Builder High, and the Brazilian team was represented by Davi Cola (“DaviMMaker”), PokerLAB grinder. The player took first place and was awarded $13,298.

See more results below:


$22 Mini Sunday Million Pedro Henrique Raposo “BigodinSagaz” 1. US$ 12,504 US$ 11 Sunday Storm João Roza “joaoroza52” 1. US$ 10,951 US$ 55 Mini Bounty Builder HR Thiago Taira “tairones13″ 3. US$ 6,293 StacKOsaurus US$ 215 Diogo Ferreira ” offQbert45″ 2. US$5,491 US$ $27 Daily Knockout Rodrigo Andrade “RodrigoAndrad” 1. US$5,431 Bounty GeneratorUS$33 Guilherme Carmo “Guizãoo_” 1. US$5,221 US$320 Daily Supersonic Daniel Yamaki “D.japaa” 1 . US$ 4,457 US$ 22 Mini Monday 6- Max “Pachekowski” 1. US$ 4,095 US$ 530 Bounty Builder High Roller “hozeis” 5. US$ 4,032

Patrick Ulysséa,

WSOP Brazil: Fábio Murakami suffers crazy upset in 2022

WSOP Brazil: KK suffered a wild blowout in the 4-h...

We’re less than a month away from the start of another WSOP Brazil event, and some of the biggest names in gaming are already donning beautiful rings in this series. To warm up the big story, Mundo Poker is looking back at some moments from previous editions. For example, the disastrous defeat of PixPoker Ambassador Fábio Murakami in the final event of 2022 bothered everyone in the São Paulo event hall, as the São Paulo native was eliminated.

One of the biggest winners, although it is that there are many poker trophies today, Fábio is a real collector of these jewels and he wanted to put another one on his shelf. He made it to the final table of the Freezeout tournament and everything was going well until disaster struck for chip leader Rafael D’Auria, who had recently competed in the KSOP GGPoker Super High Stakes tournament where Murakami bowed out in a 4-way draw.

This game has blinds of 15,000/ 30,000 and was photographed by Mundo Poker reporter Guilherme Schiff, who will be covering the 2022 edition of the tournament. D’Auria’s stack increased to 75,000. With 1,200,000 in chips, Murakami decided to three-bet to 160,000, which clicked. Raphael called and they saw the flop. Fábio kept betting 150,000 chips and was very calm about the situation at the table.

To Murakami’s surprise, Rafael decided to push the ICM theme hard and go all-in. Fabio quickly called and experienced a dream matchup: the famous “Air Total”. PixPoker Ambassadors have a 95.15% chance of winning this hand and going all-in.

No one can sleep peacefully, poker can be cruel sometimes. Although all the calculations were in his favor, Fabio saw a bleak outlook after the showdown with his opponents. The dealer gave Rafael D’Auria a flush draw on the turn, and then the trophy dream turned into a nightmare. Murakami was eliminated in a wild defeat and received a bonus of 14,800 reais. D’Auria later became the champion and won R$39,800.

WSOP Brazil: KK suffered a wild blowout in the 4-h...

View all KSOP GGPoker South America results

View all KSOP GGPoker South America results

Event 1: Top 36 Ranking (36 entrants)

Winner: Bruno Porto (Brazil) R$15,000

Event 3: R $7,000 No Limit Hold’em Mystery K.O. One Day Event (176 entrants)

Winner: Felipe Olivieri (Argentina) – R$ 379.50

Event 4: R$2,500 NL Hold’em Freezeout (185 participants)

Winner: Bruno Porto (Brazil) R$ 82,100

Event 5: R$500 NL Hold’em Daily Turbo (79 entrants)

Winner: Rafael Saad (Brazil) 13,000 R$

Event 7: 1,500 R$ NL Hold ’em Bounty Hunters (108 entrants)

Winner: Madson Moura (Brazil) R$ 28,100

Event 8: R$1,000 NL Hold’em Kings Turbo (103 entrants)

Winner: Sergio Serrano (Colombia) R $25,000

View all KSOP GGPoker South America results

“GoldMoney72o” wins the Supreme Battle HR championship

The action at Suprema Poker is always in full swing. In a very busy Monday in a row, ‘GoldMoney72o’ fielded 767 players to claim the Battle HR 200K GTD championship worth R$ 250 and the top prize in the MTT. His victory earned him a total of R$31,101.

In the R$550 HighS 50K GTD, ‘joao bauer’ was declared the winner. The first of 109 participants, he topped up with R$ 15,660. Other results:

R$75 Battle 100K GTD (1,429 entries)

1. Ranking – “el_Capó10” R$ 11,032

R$ 50 Big Plus 50K GTD (718 entries)

1. Ranking – “Graxinha” R$ 10,031

R$ 15 plus 50K GTD (1,988 entries)

1. Ranking – “MoranG” R$ 8,680

R$110 Mysterious 50K GTD (494 items)

1. Location – “deanwinshest” R$ 8,153

YouAreObv Wins Winamax Series 6-Max Masters Championship

YouAreObv Wins Winamax Series 6-Max Masters Champi...

No. 4 of the Winamax Series took place yesterday at Winamax. Twenty-TwoMTT Festival has ended, and 2.1 million eurosprizes have been distributed. In addition, there were 13 regular tournaments with pots over €10,000, with a further €206,000 paid out.

YouAreObv, star of the day in Winamax series

“YouAreObv” was the big protagonist of the day, winning the biggest tournament, WinamaxSeries – 44 : 250 € NLHE – MasterChampion6-Max and won the highest prize of the day: 62,133 € . 29.

In addition, the two winners received prizes of more than 20,000 euros:

rafantoine .7 In WSE-42: 50 € NLHE Master 6 -Max: 34,280.68 €.

I was kidnapped at WSE 39: 10 € NLHE Master 6-Max: 20,722.61 €.

A further eight winners received prizes of over €10,000. Largest prize pool

For prize pool, 9 gamesexceed €100,000 Jackpot:

  1. WSE-39 (€131,000).
  2. WSE- 42 (€206,000).
  3. WSE-44 (€331,000).
  4. WSE-78 (€140,000).
  5. WSE-79 (€107,000).
  6. WSE-80 (€167,000).
  7. WSE-80 (€167,000).
  8. WSE-83 (€112,000).
  9. WSE-86 (€139,000).
  10. WSE-93 (€100,000).

YouAreObv Wins Winamax Series 6-Max Masters Champi...

7 reasons to try KKPoker now

7 reasons to try KKPoker now

KKPoker is a poker platform that focuses on user experience. Available in over 60 countries, KK looks like an app but offers the same benefits and reliability as the world’s leading websites.

Here are 7 reasons to try KKPoker today:

1 – Security

If this were the case, online poker would not exist This, what would it be like if major platforms did not work hard to ensure that games are fair and safe. KKPoker is no exception. The platform only allows one account per CPF and one account per device, ensuring that multiple accounts are completely prohibited or even unfeasible and eliminates the use of bots common in some poker apps.

At KKPoker, you only need to control an account to play against players.

2 – Player Zone

KKPoker is mainly designed for casual players and is an extremely soft field. Most players on the platform just play poker as a hobby, which makes KK an excellent place for those who want to start playing poker and escape the “regs” and “sharks” found on the main sites.

3 – Withdrawals and Deposits via PIX

At KKPoker you can purchase chips directly through the app. The platform has all the necessary certifications to use real money and ensure the safety of player funds. Therefore, you do not have to rely on clubs or agents for withdrawals and deposits. Additionally, the site accepts the main methods available in Brazil, such as PIX, Pay4Fun, MuchBetter, Crypto, and others.

4 – Continuous Promotions

Everyone knows KKPoker and already knows it: the site offers constant promotions! It is common for the platform to run multiple promotions at the same time. There’s something for everyone: cash game missions, daily rankings, and more. When you sit down at a table at KKPoker, you’re competing for something other than the prize pool of the game itself. The site’s promotions give everyone a great chance to win!

5 – Instant rebate system

KKPoker has an instant rebate system. All players will receive at least 5% rebate at the beginning, and on the platform Earn “experience points” as you play, up to 50%.

Better yet: rebates are paid directly to your account immediately after the game is over. This way you can decide how to handle your rebates and get an extra balance boost.

6 – Global gaming, 24 hours a day!

Easy Like the big platforms, KKPoker also has players from all over the world. KKPoker operates in over 60 countries and has become a recognized platform around the world. At KK you can find all kinds of games 24/7.

There is something for everyone, from MTT, SpinUps, NLH Ring Games, PLO5, 6+ and even the very interesting “Chineizinho”, OFC – Open Chinese Poker.

7 – First Deposit Bonus

KKPoker offers one of the best first deposit bonuses of any poker platform today.

Deposit only $20 and get up to US$ to claim a $100 bonus plus 100% of your first deposit. Check out what else KK has to offer:

Get $20 tickets to the platform SpinUps now

Right to complete the Flash NLH mission, through which you can earn an additional $80 in blind vouchers (available Exchange) Cash)

100% of the first deposit: the more you deposit, the more you earn. For every $10 in commissions, you can redeem $1, up to the maximum amount of your deposit (limited to $1000).

7 reasons to try KKPoker now

The final table of the GGMillion$ High Roller Tournament has been formed

GGMillion$ High Roller final table set; Bruno Volk...

Bruno Volkmann put in a lot of hard work, but Brazil will be unrepresented at the GGMillion$ High Roller final table. The Brazilian finished the event in 11th place and took home $28,905. He continued his good momentum after his outstanding performance at EPT Prague.

Chips count for Russian players Alexey Borovkov has a big advantage, he entered the final table first with 4,785,514 chips. In second place is German Christian Rudolph from Austria, who has collected 3,232,429 chips, while Austrian Samuel Sabu is third with 2,265,097 chips.

GGMillion$ High Rollers has a total of 138 contestants and prizes were awarded to 15 contestants each. Finalists have earned at least $41,492. The final table will be held at 3 pm next Tuesday (19th) with blinds of 17,500/35,000. Mundo Poker airs live on MundoTV, with card reveals and commentary by JP Fernandes.

View Finalists:

Alexey Borovkov (Russia) – 4,785 .514

Christian Rudolf (Germany) – 3,232,429

Samuel Sabb (Austria) – 2,265,097

Daniel Peterson (Denmark) – 961,574

Peter Aerts (Belgium) – 736,319

“sohta61” (Cyprus) – 676,690

Ilya Anatski (Belarus) – 635,534

Audrius Stakelis (Lithuania) – 599,743

“spaise411” (Russia) – 418,100

Check Prices:

1. – 299,880 USD

2. – $234,194

3. – $182,896

4. – $142,834

5. – $111,547

6. – $87,114

7. – $68,032

8. – $53,130

9. – $41,492

GGMillion$ High Roller final table set; Bruno Volk...

December coverage? WSOP, WPT and EPT Millionaires Arrive

December coverage? WSOP, WPT and EPT Millionaires...

December 2023 is sure to go down in history as live poker’s busiest month in decades as three of the industry’s main players will host attractive festivals in different parts of the world :WSOP Paradise in The Bahamas, WPT World Championship in Las Vegas, and EPT Praguetournament in Czech Republic.

While brilliant action at the live poker tables is predicted, some like the idea of ​​having three major tournaments at the same time, but don’t like the possibility that it could backfire next year or cause backlash for players Effects.

The stars are clearly aligned: Negreanu is heading to the Bahamas, for example, and Ivey is heading to Las Vegas.

Each WSOP, WPT and EPT proposal has their own charm and represents a trilemma that players must solve in order to Decide where to go. As far as the scene is concerned, one of the obvious disadvantages (or not) is that great poker pros are bound to be split between these options, thereby reducing the likelihood that they will see a great matchup at the table sex.

For the average player, this decision is equally complex as it also involves time spent on shared vacations, time off, or even the end of the poker season. Maybe theselection criteria will be location as it will be between Caribbean Summer, Las Vegas Lights or Great European Landscapes.

An overwhelming response from players is expected in December.

Because you are new, you have a lot of expectations for WSOP Paradise; on the other hand, last year’s WPT World Championship and EPT Prague<Both have set attendance records, so competition will be fierce and we’ll have to wait until the end of next year’s three festivals to draw conclusions.

Another aspect that needs to be considered is that after the epidemic is severe, players will react differently at each festival, so we cannot rule out their coming out from under the rock en masse Possibility to attend one of these festivals.

December coverage? WSOP, WPT and EPT Millionaires...

Paulo Brombim faz FT no $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox HR

Paulo Brombim faz FT no $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox...

Paulo Brombim dropped out of the championship race in fourth place on Wednesday 6th in his $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox HR. His balance increased by a total of $19,041. Peter Patricio lost in the six-man event for $6,084.

Peter didn’t stop there. He won the $840 High Roller Bounty warm-up event and took home another $8,300.

Meanwhile, Lucas Rocha rounded out the podium in his $215 Daily Heater [Bounty Turbo]. He won $6,358 after defeating 160 opponents.

In the $150 Bounty Hunter Special, Erich Rodrigues won gold and $5,722. The tournament featured 253 competitors.

Diogo “DFdS123” Ferreira also finished second out of 41 entries in the $525 High Roller Post-Event, an achievement that earned him $5,040 .

Paulo Brombim faz FT no $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox...

Poker, a road to happiness

Poker, a road to happiness

August 1st is World Happiness Day, a celebration that has grown into a global event since its inception in 2010 by Colombian visionary Alfonso Becerra. This date aims to promote happiness and well-being throughout the world, and in this context we can emphasize the special relationship that exists between poker and pleasure.

The joy of playing poker is almost indescribable.

More than just a card game, poker has proven to be a way to lift spirits and foster camaraderie. player. The excitement and challenge of this game of skill attracts people of different cultures and nationalities, bringing people together for a shared fun experience.

On World Happiness Day, it is fitting to celebrate how poker can be a catalyst for moments of joy and fulfillment in the lives of many players. Well, there’s bad pacing too, but that’s not the subject of this article.

The friendly competition and adrenaline rush at the poker table can create a euphoric feeling that helps lift the mood and relax tension. In other words, it’s a very well-rounded exercise that keeps our brains active.

Furthermore, poker is a social activity that encourages interaction between people through the sharing of laughs, strategies and anecdotes about exchanging cards. The socialization and connections that arise during these play moments can enrich personal relationships and create lasting bonds that can help enhance emotional well-being.

Poker and joy are thus linked in meaningful relationships, making this exciting card game a source of joy and connection between players. On World Joy Day, we celebrate poker’s ability to bring about moments of joy and camaraderie, and how that celebration reaches people across every latitude, uniting hearts in the spirit of fun and friendship.

Poker, a road to happiness

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