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Hirs is the new US$200K High Roller champion

European Championship Hirs becomes new High Roller champion with more than $200,000 in prize money. The $5,300 High Roller Event #13 of Merit Poker’s Carmen Series gave Aliaksandr Hirs the second biggest prize of his career.

Hirs is the new High Roller champion with over $200,000 in prize money

Aliaksandr Hirs leaves as Merit Poker Carmen Series finishes in one of its high stakes tournamentsAlong with the title, prizes reached six figures .

Event No. 13: $5300 High Roller at Merit Crystal Cove Hotel and Casino in Cyprus Counted 187 tickets , showing a prize pool of $860,200 to be distributed among the top 23 players.

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After three days of fierce competition , Hirs Hirs , who eventually defeated Fahredin Mustafov in the final, won a handsome prize pool of US$204.700 and became the champion. As sub-champion, he took home $143,800 .

It’s the new champion’s second biggest cash after finishing third in the EPT Barcelona High Roller 2022 for €277,370 .

Now, Merit Poker’s Carmen Series is hosting its Main Event with a $3,300 buy-in , which includes the highlights of a schedule that runs through April 3 with 34 events in all.

Event No. 13: $5300 high roller

Buy-in: $5,300 Participants: 187 Buy-in: $860,200

final table

First Aliaksandr Hirs – $ 204,700second placeFahreddin Mustafov – $ 143,800third placeMandala de Ryan – $ 92,700fourth placeSimon Spasov – $ 68,9005th dayEduardo Basegian – $ 51,9006thAnton Yonell – $ 41,750

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Eller Kirsten triumphs in the last two Bounty Builder competitions.

Grinder Eller Kirsten had a rather interesting early morning. On PokerStars, he won $530 in the Bounty Builder HR Late Edition and proclaimed himself a champion. The “Eller77” player who ran over 29 opponents and won $6,446 for himself.

Some hours later, in the Bounty Builder $162, Eller again took first place. He earned $5,211 as a result of the victory.

In turn, “blogods” won $5,178 in the $33 Bounty Builder competition, besting a field of 2,010 entrants.

“YOLOBETS” was also victorious on PokerStars. He won first place and $5,167 in the $55 Daily Supersonic.

Danilo “Olag21” Gomes was the country’s biggest star in the Americas Cardroom. He came in third and took home $8,970.

I was wondering whether you have heard of the Suprema Poker app. It’s available for immediate download on iOS, Android, and PC.

KSOP: Darya Krashennikova leads Ladies’ Final Day

The final day of the KSOP GGPoker Special will be historic. In addition to the Main Event and High Roller duels, this Sunday (30:00) from 15:00 the Queen will be crowned in the Ladies Championship, one of the most fascinating tournaments on the tournament calendar. Of the 97 entries, 15 participants remained. The buy-in fee for the tournament is R$ 600.

The leader is Russia’s Darya Krashennikova, who Series Main Event 20th She ran shortly after being eliminated and managed to grab a late entry into the tournament and imbue the field, amassing a colossal 692,000 chip stack.

To give you an idea, runner-up Ana Meri Lovizotto from Curitiba, Paraná passed with 399,000 chips. Priscila Martins do Nascimento (277,000), Caroline Duprê (244,000) and Thais Salzer (242,000) round out the top 5.

The competition will award the best 11 contestants and the first prize will be R$ 1,200. The blinds return 3,000/6,000 with the big blind ante. The winner will take home BRL 14,000 and a nice special KSOP GGPoker trophy.

View chip counts for the last day:

Watch Nico Villa-Lobos’ MundoTV Cast #32:

One of the WSOP’s top players, Deeb

Deeb, one of the WSOP’s top players

The New Yorker is one among the top contenders for the 2023 edition with his five bracelets and his recently acquired WSOPC ring.

Building on his success in the World Series of Poker Festival, professional player Shaun Deeb just earned his first ring in the World Series of Poker Circuit.

The events occurred on March 27 at the WSOPC Turning Stone US$1,700 Main Event and resulted in a payout of US$275,916 to the American participant.

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While Deeb may not be a household name, he has reportedly won over US$11.5 million in live tournaments and has been photographed next to the WSOP gold bracelet five times.

“I came into this event thinking I would win. My pride tells me I’m the greatest, yet the competition was far stronger than I anticipated. The guys threw me in some precarious positions, and I ended up risking more than I should have at the final table “after his most recent triumph, he stated.

This victory is especially meaningful for him as a native New Yorker since he began playing poker here in this particular casino 20 years ago.

“Twenty years ago, I started going to Turning Stone. My grandma, as well as every uncle and great-uncle I had, used to visit here often. At the local US$4/US$8 Limit Hold’em game, my grandma was a household name. This was always her favorite casino because of the wonderful treatment she received there.”

Deeb has previously won US$208,800 in the US$10,000 H.O.R.S.E tournament at the PokerGo Tour’s Mixed Games festival.

He is now planning to defend his title in the WSOP 2023, which begins on May 30 of that year. His most recent victory came in 2021, when he took home $1,251,860 at Event #53, a $25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha tournament.

In the midst of a rainbow of steps, two giants square off.

Titanic showdown in the midst of a natural straight flush

Winamax Live Sessions Season 2 Episode 4 is nonstop action for the whole 50 minutes.

In the Gran Casino de Aranjuez, the most popular High Stakes show in the Spanish-speaking community, Winamax Live Sessions, had an exciting poker session for the fourth episode of its second season.

All the big names in Spanish and international poker were here: Yaman Nakdali, the aggressive one; Raul Mestre, the reputed strategist and member of the Spanish Hall of Fame; Alex Romero, the Top Shark, who had a great year with the Winamax professional team; Adrián Mateos, the president of Spanish poker and a member of the Winamax team; Mustapha Kanit, a legend of the circuit and another Winamax team member; Ignacio Molina

Winamax Live Sessions include 50/100 blinds with a 100 ante BB, a 200 straddle from UTG that is optional, and the ability to play several flips, turns, and rivers after an all-in decision is made. The smallest possible buy-in is 100 blinds (about €10,000), and there is no maximum.

Winners of NLHE hands with the weakest hand play continue to get an additional blind or straddle from all of their opponents in accordance with the 7-2 rule.

In this episode, two stacks surpassed €50,000, which is the reload threshold. Watch Season 2, Episode 4 of the Winamax Live Sessions on YouTube to learn who their owners are.

Wednesday’s Battle Royale at Winamax was won by l Iove you, who received a reward of 8,394€.

Yesterday, the emphasis at Winamax.fres was on standard tournaments. During the course of the day, 26 events with five-figure jackpots concluded, awarding €604,000 in prizes.

Four winners received awards worth over €6,000.

The winner of the Mystery KO 250 (€6,761.97) was “Vache Hallay.”

The phrase “l Iove you” won the Battle Royale €200 and the day’s largest prize (€8,394.58).

“romanom37” was the winner of the €50 Prime Time (€7,583.78) prize.

Also, “Zireael” earned the €250 HighRoller (€7,382.27).

In terms of prize pools, six events have surpassed €30,000:

Mysterious KO €50 (€39k).

Battle Royale €200 (€43k).

After Work €20 (€36k).

Mysterious KO €10 (€36k).

Prime Time €50 (€59k).

HighRoller €250 (€40k).

These are the detailed results of the day’s events with jackpots over €10,000.

Field: 240. Prize pool: €10,800. Buy-in: €50. Prize pool: €1,960.07.

WSOP2023 (Starter. Prize: €2,326.52. Field: 267. Prize pool: €12,015).

Prize: €3,069.19. Field: 1,656. Prize pool: €29,808.

catchthemall (Gladiator, $50; Prize: €3,276.07; Field: 623; Prize Pool: €28,035).

Vache Hallay (Mystery Knockout. Prize: €6,761.97. Participants: 67. Prize pool: €15,477).

RalentiCheri (Mystery KO. Prize: €3,311.28. Field: 1,558. Pot: €28,044).

jebatpoker (Monster Stack €10 (6:30 p.m.). Prize pool: €2.432,47. Field: 1,595. Prize pool: €14,355).

Bonnie64 (Guerilla 5. Prize: £1,762.90. Field: 3,552. Prize pool: £15,984).

Be water (Mystery Knockout. Prize: €3,979.17. Participants: 871. Prize pool: €39,195).

l Iove you (Battle Royale 200. Prize: €8,394.58. Field: 234. Prize pool: €43,056).

LesBas-Fonds (Mystery Knockout. Prize: €1,572.98. Prize pool: €16,745).

Indy1967 (Nitro 20. Prize: €1,678.30. Field: 653. Prize pool: €11,754) (Field: 653. Prize pool: €11,754).

JePasCroix (La Fievre €10. Prize: €3,399.70. Field: 2,149. Prize pool: €19,341).

Choogyam (Tornado €10, Prize: €1,306.88, Field: 1,113, Total Prize Pool: €10,017).

Xtase €100. Prize: €2,601.95. Field: 131. Prize pool: €11,790.

Saduss (After Work €20. Prize: €3,605.59. Field: 2,040. Prize pool: €36,720).

M. Tagliani (Mystery Knockout. Prize: €3,066.05; Field: 4,060; Total Prize Pool: €36,540).

romanom37 (Prime Time 50. Prize: €7,583.78. Field: 1,314. Prize pool: €59,130).

Gallo888 (Pour la Daronne €5. Prize: €1,679.02. Field: 4,167. Prize pool: €18,752).

Zireael_ (HighRoller €250. Prize: €7,382.27. Field: 176. Prize pool: €40,832).

Field: 888. Prize pool: €15,984.

spunkZZ (Top 50. Prize: €3,565.24. Field: 370. Prize pool: €16,650).

-TheJoker- (Ninja 10. Prize: €2,264.31. Field: 2,120. Prize pool: €19,080).

AM7_ (Rush Hour €50; Prize: €2,787.88; Field: 438; Prize pool: €19,710).

KobeSmax (Mystery KO. Prize: €2,497.23. Field: €2,201. Prize pool: €19,809).

HipHop-Pop (Night Club 10. Prize: €1,636.77. Field: €1,683. Prize pool: €15,147).

It will be a fresh day of regular tournaments.

Responsible gaming. Several strategies exist in online poker rooms to encourage responsible gambling (such as self-exclusion or deposit limitation).

Family poker deal

In poker, it is not uncommon for siblings to compete in successive tournaments. Yet, hardly everyone has been able to execute two large events in separate states on the same night. In the United States, Nikhil Gera and his mother, Manju Gera, lived an extraordinary tale.

Nikhil entered for a $1,100 event at Wynn Casino while in Las Vegas. He prevailed over an extensive field of 885 competitors to win $131,665 in prize money and a Wynn Casino hallmark trophy.

His mother was in California at the Gardens Casino and opted to participate in a $500 buy-in Mystery Bounty event. This event lacks statistics, but considering the popularity of poker in the state and the size of the prize pool, it was likely crowded. Manju Hera emerged triumphant, earning $52,000 in addition to knockout prizes.

These are by no means the family’s first poker triumphs. Nikhil has two WSOP Circuit gold rings in his trophy collection, although his mother only has one.

Such instances have often happened in offline poker. Doyle Brunson and his son Todd played in one tournament, while Alex and Kristen Foxen won the final 3-max of another event despite being accused of team play.

The situation of Nikhil and Manju is very exceptional. No family has ever won two major live table tournaments on the same night. Once the tale was shared on social media, other pros, including WPT tournament director Matt Savage, became aware of it.

Nikhil is an expert poker player. He has won more than $1,800,000 in prize money. According to the data, Nikhil mostly competes in several series in Las Vegas. His mother has somewhat less prize money, slightly over $150,000, but has won many more low-cost mixed-game events.

High stakes poker player Bill Perkins busts for $600,000

The High Stakes Poker tables once again saw some very interesting hands in their latest episode. Just like a while ago, the legendary Antonio Esfandiari was the one who got his way in the situation. This time, he won a hand against businessman Bill Perkins, who wasn’t afraid to bog down his stack with the drill of a straight flush, but the move ended up costing him dearly.

The action, which involved several players, began with a $1,000 straddle from Roger Sippl , followed by another $2,000 straddle from Antonio Esfandiari with . On the button, Jennifer Tilly called from and Bill Perkins from the big blind announced the raise to $10,000 with his Ts8s.

All three players still in the game announced the call and went to see the flop for four. The table showed and Perkins was the first to speak. He checked and was followed by Sippl, but Esfandiari did not let his nut flushdraw. He went for a $16,000 bet and was quickly paid by Tilly with top pair.

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Back to Perkins, the American businessman, who at this point had the drill for the straight flush, raised high to $50,000. Then it was Esfandiari’s turn again to speak and “The Magician” surprised with another raise, this time to $166,000. Even with top pair, Tilly could not sustain his hand and folded.

Perkins, however, was willing to bog down and went all in for $274,000, and was quickly paid by Antonio. The two talked about being on the flushdraw and Perkins started asking for a nine, which didn’t even need to be a spade for the businessman to win. In great spirits, they agreed to hit the flop twice.

The first time, a one completed the board and Esfandiari won on kicker. Then, on the second time, one and one completed the board for another win for Antonio Esfandiari, taking the total pot of $606,400. For Perkins, who lost a handsome amount, it was better to have flopped is nothing.

In the All-Time Money List, Jason Koon ranks fifth.

This year, one of the finest players in the world finished higher than ever before in a prestigious poker rating. Jason Koon, an advocate for GGPoker, had a phenomenal month of live poker in March, earning him a spot higher on the All Time Money List.

There is a total of $1,407,000 in March earnings for the American in 2023. The highlight is undoubtedly winning the US$50,000 Triton Series and taking home US$574,000 in prize money. Jason Koon finished in the money four times in the series, earning a total of $1,407,000. He earned $389,000, $257,000, and $187,000 at the final tables.

On the last day of GGPoker’s WSOPC Event #8, Bruno Volkmann has amassed a massive stack and is the chip leader.

With December’s earnings, Koon now has an additional $2,100,000. The American ace moved up three spots in the rankings thanks to his recent success. Up until this past November, Jason Koon was the eighth highest paid live player ever. But now he’s achieved his career high, placing in the top five on the list.

Koon has surpassed Erik Seidel, David Peter, and Dan Smith with his $43,794,726. Only Bryn Kenney (second), Daniel Negreanu (third), and top Justin Bonomo ($60,279,954) are ahead of him on the money list. As all of those people are still involved, things ought to pick up speed soon.

The PLO Spring Championship went to Brazil

Spring PLO Championship went to Brazil

The WSOP Spring Circuit Pot Limit Omaha event was won by a Brazilian. After two days of activity, the first ring for South America finally came.

The PLO Spring Championship went to Brazil

Having concluded yet another event, GGPoker’s WSOP Spring Circuit resumed. Brazil was the eventual winner of the Pot Limit Omaha Spring Championship, which was in its final stage.

Event #3 was won by Marcelo Mases-Neto Aziz who pocketed US$98,619. He won heads-up against Gergo Nagy, who placed third overall and won $71,303, while Langemotor won $51,553.

This event lasted two days and garnered 755 entries of $800 apiece to establish a prize of $573,800.

What will the WSOP Spring Circuit do next?

This Thursday, in addition to the daily grid of this festival that is giving away $100 million, a new ring tournament will commence. Event #4 of the Bounty Hunters Spring Championship NLH will feature $1,000,000 in guaranteed prize money. Then we will have to wait until Saturday 11 when it will be the turn of Event #5: $320 Bounty GIANT No Limit Hold’em, US$500,000 Gtd.

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