Brunno “whatisgoingon” Botteon for HU Evento 87 da OSS

The Brazilian grinder struggled in all seats on the packed Sunday circuit. In the Americas Cardroom Online Super Series, Brunno Botteon was the country’s highlight. He busted heads-up in Event 87: $215 NL Hold’em, bringing his bankroll to $45,337.

Before former world No. 1 “Devanir Campos” (No. 3) and “theOREOguy” fell. “(No. 4) was also eliminated, winning $34,021 and $24,591 respectively.

In the site’s regular tournament, “minhapiloca” defeated 1,943 on the final day of the $66 Route 66 Overall, the champion earned $19,129.

Shortly after, the country won heads-up doubles in a $55 special BIG10 event, while Regis “Superkush69” Cardoso earned $17,090 heads-up US dollars, while Guilherme “FrancoPavane1962” Cheveau won the silver medal and US$15,771.

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