BSOP: Thiago Crema takes the lead in Day 1 of 2 HR

Thiago Crema Leads Day 1 Qualifiers of BSOP Winter...

A busy Thursday for the BSOP Winter Millions featured some great indoor competition at the Sheraton St. Paul World Trade Center Hotel. One of the big events is the R$10,000 buy-in 2-day High Roller with 127 entries. Among them, 43 players successfully advanced.

At the top of the list is top player Thiago Crema with 853,000 in chips. Second place went to Jorge Enrique Ramella Priz of Uruguay with 752,000 points. Alexandre Barros is third with 595,000 chips and Michel Saad rounds out the top four with 512,000 chips.

There are many well-known players from Brazil in the qualifiers of this competition. Fernando Viana (474,000), Caio Hey (449,000), Wilder Brito (444,000), Renan Meneguetti (439,000), Ariel Celestino (414,000) and Deivid de Souza (400,000).

Last Day of High School Roller Skating 2 Days starts this Friday at 2pm. The blinds are 4,000/8,000 and the blinds are big antes. Registration remains open until competition resumes and the R$ 500,000 deposit expires. Whoever plays tomorrow must post 12 big blinds.

Check the chip count of the first day:

Thiago Crema 853,000 Jorge Lamela 752,000 Alexandre de Barros 595,000 Michel Saad 512,000 Fernando Viana 474,000 Caal Hay 449,000 Verde Brito 444,000 Renan Menegetti 439,000 Lionel Garza 419,000 Ariel Celestino 414 .0 0 0 Dervid de Sousa 400,000 Saba David 400,000 Eduardo Silva 393,000 Victor De Macedo 379,000 Edilson Gouvia 361,000 Felipe Balaban 344,000 Thiago Signorelli 306,000 Eduardo Parra 304,000 Luis Duarte 292,000 Pierre Jeantel Valentin 292,000 Leo Rizzo 272,000 Rafael Morais 264,000 Paolo Pinto 256,000 João Rodriguez Oliveira 2 39,000 Jose Glalat 235,000 Luis · Ferreira 228,000 Jose Carlos Barbosa 205,000 Matthews Rabelo 195,000 Diego Cuellar 193,000 Alan Cavalcante 186,000 Ike Onodera 184,000 Felipe Boyanovski 182,000 Cassio Kiers 176,000 Laurie Tournier 144,000 Fernando Valverde 136,000 Leandro Manzali 136,000 Jose Rafael Motta 120,000 Marseille Lo Ferreira 111,000 Luan Coelho 10 4,000 Ren an Bruschi 94,000 Guilherme Schreiber 93,000 Wender Oliveira 85,000 Iago Savino 70,000

Thiago Crema Leads Day 1 Qualifiers of BSOP Winter...


  • This text provides information about the BSOP Winter Millions event, specifically highlighting the participants and their chip counts in the High Roller competition. It also mentions the upcoming Last Day of High School Roller Skating and includes details about the blinds and registration.

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