During the WiPT championship in Aranjuez, Winamax completes its first big festival of the year.

We have been following the Winamax Poker Tour as it tirelessly traverses the country, making 17 stops in cities throughout the country in its admirable effort to bring live poker to the basements where we online gamers shut themselves up, week after week.

Our regular room activity has netted us about 35,000 free tickets, and of those, over 3,000 have been used to square off against real opponents.

The primary goal of the WiPT will have been met with such result. But wait, there’s more! The 58 most enthusiastic Catwalk volunteers will also split the $10,000 cash prize awarded to the champions of the preliminary round at each casino.

The Grand Final of the Winamax Poker Tour, which has been the biggest free poker competition in the country up until now, will take place in the Gran Casino de Aranjuez from March 15 to 20, and it will be a festival with a main event that has a 500,000 guaranteed and is open to the general public for an entry fee of 500€.

The last stop on the Winamax Poker Tour will be given the same attention as the room’s other major tournaments.

Adrian Mateos and Leo Margets, together with their new partner Estelle “Dourbie,” who was introduced during the Palma de Mallorca stop of the World Poker Tour, will not ignore the WiPT’s summons.

Live Starter, Sprint, Battle Royale, Magnum, Tornado, and other legendary competitions from the lobby are all part of the whole tournament schedule.

In addition, the whole squad will relocate to Madrid while keeping up with the action through the official blog and live broadcasts, which will include commentary from Jonwayne, Galandroses, and Estofamentes, to name a few members of the unique StreamGang battalion. Aranjuez will also host Poker10 this year since the event is fitting for the festive spirit.

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