Eller Kirsten triumphs in the last two Bounty Builder competitions.

Grinder Eller Kirsten had a rather interesting early morning. On PokerStars, he won $530 in the Bounty Builder HR Late Edition and proclaimed himself a champion. The “Eller77” player who ran over 29 opponents and won $6,446 for himself.

Some hours later, in the Bounty Builder $162, Eller again took first place. He earned $5,211 as a result of the victory.

In turn, “blogods” won $5,178 in the $33 Bounty Builder competition, besting a field of 2,010 entrants.

“YOLOBETS” was also victorious on PokerStars. He won first place and $5,167 in the $55 Daily Supersonic.

Danilo “Olag21” Gomes was the country’s biggest star in the Americas Cardroom. He came in third and took home $8,970.

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