First 50K poker satellite hits Santa Fe casino

First 50K poker satellite hits Santa Fe casino

With the return of 50K Poker to the Santa Fe casino, the first satellite of the major $50,000 buy-in tournament takes place this Thursday with six qualifiers remaining .

Qualifier, only $3,500 buy-in, registered 42 entrants, 29 rebuys, created a $334,000 pot, in addition to prize money 6 more buy-ins – $50,000 in prize money, $34,000 in cash for 7th place.

Six 50K Poker Qualifiers

1° Alider Weimer – $50,000 buy-in2. Aldo Raimundo – $50,000 buy3. Orlando Ferreras – $50,000 buy4° Lucas Silva – entry fee $50,0005° Jonathan Iglesias – $50,000 entry6° Jesus Fernandez – $50,000 entry7. Jorge Benitez – $34,000 Cash

50K Poker Satellites

50K Poker will run from August 17-20, but before that there will be three more satellites in the next few days: Qualifiers will offer $3,500 entries to win a $50,000 buy-in this Thursday, Thursday the 10th and Wednesday the 16th before the 3 tournament begins.

Qualifiers will be played with a 15,000 chip starting stack that can be repurchased with an additional $3,000 and a 15 minute blind level.

Dates: Wednesday 3rd and 10th August, 16.8. – 8pmBuy in: $3,500Starting Chips: 15,000 ChipsRebuy: $3,000 (15,000 chips) Additional content: $3,000 (30,000 chips)Level:15 minutesSeating is limited, call 342-6121298 for inquiries

Santa Fe Casino’s 50K Poker Satellite was sold out.

How Santa Fe Casinos Will Play 50K Poker

50K Poker will be played over the August 17-20 long weekend. It all starts with Day 1A on Thursday 17th, continues with Day 1B on Friday 18th and Label 1C on Saturday 19th. In the meantime, the definition will be published on Finals Day on Sunday the 20th.

Players sit down with 45,000 in stacks for 30 minutes of early game blinds (14 levels per day), with increases every 40 minutes on Sundays. Unlimited re-entry, open to sixth grade.

Dates:August 17-20Buy-in: $50,000Re-entry: Unlimited up to level 6. Day 1A:Thursday, 17.8. – 18.00 (Grade 14)Day 1B: Friday, 18.8. – 18.00 (14 steps)Day 1C:Saturday, 19.8. – 3pm (14 levels)Last day:Sunday, 20.8. – 2pm (until winner is determined)Start stack: 45,000 chipsBlinds: 30 and 40 minutesCapacity: 90 players on Thursday and Friday; 100 players on Saturday

First 50K poker satellite hits Santa Fe casino

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