“GoldMoney72o” wins the Supreme Battle HR championship

The action at Suprema Poker is always in full swing. In a very busy Monday in a row, ‘GoldMoney72o’ fielded 767 players to claim the Battle HR 200K GTD championship worth R$ 250 and the top prize in the MTT. His victory earned him a total of R$31,101.

In the R$550 HighS 50K GTD, ‘joao bauer’ was declared the winner. The first of 109 participants, he topped up with R$ 15,660. Other results:

R$75 Battle 100K GTD (1,429 entries)

1. Ranking – “el_Capó10” R$ 11,032

R$ 50 Big Plus 50K GTD (718 entries)

1. Ranking – “Graxinha” R$ 10,031

R$ 15 plus 50K GTD (1,988 entries)

1. Ranking – “MoranG” R$ 8,680

R$110 Mysterious 50K GTD (494 items)

1. Location – “deanwinshest” R$ 8,153

Comments (2)

  • This text seems to provide a summary of recent poker tournaments at Suprema Poker, highlighting the winners and their prizes. It showcases the popularity of the platform and the significant cash rewards involved in these events.

  • It seems like there was a lot of exciting action at Suprema Poker, with multiple tournaments and big prize winnings. Players like GoldMoney72o and joao bauer had successful days, earning substantial cash prizes. Overall, it was a busy and successful Monday for the participants.

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