Grinder Report comprises all virtual wipes’ activity.

Grinder Report: all the action from the virtual poker tables

The week ended with a win for Juan Bonjour in a turbo PKO tournament. The weekend is coming and the best thing is to be very motivated.

Grinder Report: all the action of the virtual cloths

Our grinder fought in some online tournaments and finished with very good performances. With the weekend just around the corner, it’s always good to be on the upswing.

Our Legion’s only title was won by Juan juanbonjour Bonber (cover photo) who pocketed 2,147 greenbacks as champion of the Hot 22 PKO. Very close to repeat was SancheZ10fcb who came second in the Bounty Builder Series 50 and pocketed US$3,619. Also playing in this tournament was grinder BlackStyle11 who was credited with 3,619 greenbacks.

On the other hand, Primula took second place in the GGMasters Bounty $25 for 2,969 greenbacks. Meanwhile, reymaurosv took fourth place in the $44 Flowery Forty Stack Bounty for 3,703, while gazzu666 came in sixth in the Bounty Builder Series 52 for $2,433.

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