High stakes poker player Bill Perkins busts for $600,000

The High Stakes Poker tables once again saw some very interesting hands in their latest episode. Just like a while ago, the legendary Antonio Esfandiari was the one who got his way in the situation. This time, he won a hand against businessman Bill Perkins, who wasn’t afraid to bog down his stack with the drill of a straight flush, but the move ended up costing him dearly.

The action, which involved several players, began with a $1,000 straddle from Roger Sippl , followed by another $2,000 straddle from Antonio Esfandiari with . On the button, Jennifer Tilly called from and Bill Perkins from the big blind announced the raise to $10,000 with his Ts8s.

All three players still in the game announced the call and went to see the flop for four. The table showed and Perkins was the first to speak. He checked and was followed by Sippl, but Esfandiari did not let his nut flushdraw. He went for a $16,000 bet and was quickly paid by Tilly with top pair.

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Back to Perkins, the American businessman, who at this point had the drill for the straight flush, raised high to $50,000. Then it was Esfandiari’s turn again to speak and “The Magician” surprised with another raise, this time to $166,000. Even with top pair, Tilly could not sustain his hand and folded.

Perkins, however, was willing to bog down and went all in for $274,000, and was quickly paid by Antonio. The two talked about being on the flushdraw and Perkins started asking for a nine, which didn’t even need to be a spade for the businessman to win. In great spirits, they agreed to hit the flop twice.

The first time, a one completed the board and Esfandiari won on kicker. Then, on the second time, one and one completed the board for another win for Antonio Esfandiari, taking the total pot of $606,400. For Perkins, who lost a handsome amount, it was better to have flopped is nothing.

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