In the midst of a rainbow of steps, two giants square off.

Titanic showdown in the midst of a natural straight flush

Winamax Live Sessions Season 2 Episode 4 is nonstop action for the whole 50 minutes.

In the Gran Casino de Aranjuez, the most popular High Stakes show in the Spanish-speaking community, Winamax Live Sessions, had an exciting poker session for the fourth episode of its second season.

All the big names in Spanish and international poker were here: Yaman Nakdali, the aggressive one; Raul Mestre, the reputed strategist and member of the Spanish Hall of Fame; Alex Romero, the Top Shark, who had a great year with the Winamax professional team; Adrián Mateos, the president of Spanish poker and a member of the Winamax team; Mustapha Kanit, a legend of the circuit and another Winamax team member; Ignacio Molina

Winamax Live Sessions include 50/100 blinds with a 100 ante BB, a 200 straddle from UTG that is optional, and the ability to play several flips, turns, and rivers after an all-in decision is made. The smallest possible buy-in is 100 blinds (about €10,000), and there is no maximum.

Winners of NLHE hands with the weakest hand play continue to get an additional blind or straddle from all of their opponents in accordance with the 7-2 rule.

In this episode, two stacks surpassed €50,000, which is the reload threshold. Watch Season 2, Episode 4 of the Winamax Live Sessions on YouTube to learn who their owners are.

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