Learn how to recognize a recreational player at the table

Learn how to recognize a recreationalist at the ta...

Strategies Learn how to spot recreational players at the poker table. Pro Jordan Banfield made an interesting video where you can see some great tips to help you improve on-field and online.

Aprende a reconocer a un recreacional en la mesa

In a new strategy video, famed grinder Jordan Banfield shows off , analyzing the differences between live and online poker tournaments. In the video, 888 Poker Room Team Pro shares valuable tips on how to mentally mark different types of players at live tables, and how to adjust your strategy when facing these opponents.free time

What is the difference between live and online?

  • game rhythm

The pace of play is the main difference between live poker tournaments and online poker tournaments. In live tournaments, the pace of play can be slower as players spend time making decisions, counting chips, and the dealer shuffles and deals cards.

  • social connection

If you’re playing in person, you can listen to the cues, which is impossible if you’re in front of a computer screen. Banfield found that when he sat at the table, he tried to figure out who was the fish and who was the strongest opponent. But how did he do it?

he mentally tags opponents

  • bet size

Speaking of betting, weaker opponents will limp in a lot of pots, and if they have a strong hand, they will usually raise to 3-4BB. These players are usually very passive and less willing to make big bluffs.

  • look

Banfield also pointed out that paying attention to someone’s appearance is also a useful cue to distinguish player types. For example, if someone is chatting, having a few beers, and having a good time, you can assume they’re playing a game. However, if someone is wearing dark sunglasses and is fairly quiet and stoic, then you can guess they are regulars and take poker very seriously.

Observing your surroundings is very important in live poker because you don’t have a HUD like what happens online. So you really need to break down the behavior you see at the table to understand who your opponents are. This will help you make better decisions and hopefully win more money in the long run.

Learn how to recognize a recreationalist at the ta...

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