Negreanu at the WSOP again

Negreanu at the WSOP again

Daniel Negrino, one of the most important names in the history of the sport, had another tough summer in Las Vegas. For the second year in a row, the GGPoker ambassador ended his participation in the WSOP at a huge financial loss, prompting a new edition of Freak Fridays.

Negreanu’s last bracelet was 10 years ago at the WSOP Europe.

Believe it, $742,807 lost! Who knew Canadians would suffer such a setback for the second year in a row? And it bounced back, up $806,553 in the first month of the series.

The odd thing about all of this is that despite the loss, Negreanu still had a good run. Finished 18th in the Player of the Year rankings, beating even champions like Brian Rast.

It’s not all bad news, though: Daniel is one of the most profitable players in the world. The series, 20 ITMs to be exact, is just five behind Mike Holtz, who set a new cash record of 25 in WSOP history. However, none of these losses were enough to offset the losses. His biggest cash was $101,149 for a 14th place finish in the US$50,000 Event #84 HIGH ROLLER No-Limit Hold’em, which wasn’t enough to turn disaster around.

This unfortunate incident is nothing new to Negreanu. Last year, he also underperformed at the 2022 WSOP, losing even more, $1,104,028. But since then, the company has staged an epic comeback, bringing in nearly $4 million in revenue by the end of 2022. Maybe next year will be different, and he’ll have the good luck again in 2021, ending up with a $400,000 profit.

Poker is truly an emotional roller coaster, and Negreanu is a perfect example of that. He shows this in his hilarious vlogs, where he documents all his ups and downs. If you haven’t seen the chapter, we recommend it: The Canadian gave it all for his seventh bracelet, giving away some of the best poker vlog content in recent memory.

The entry is from the US 300 bis $250,000, and his total cost for the 2023 WSOP is $918,000, which means if you look at the glass half full, he didn’t spend his entire original budget. DNeg is clearly playing within his budget, as he has a live prize pool of over $46 million according to HendonMob, as well as other endorsement deals and various offers that allow him to sleep without a blanket protocol.

Negreanu at the WSOP again


  • This text discusses Daniel Negreanu’s recent losses in the WSOP and his overall performance in the tournament. Despite the financial setbacks, Negreanu is still regarded as one of the most profitable players in the world and has had previous successful comebacks. The text also highlights his entertaining vlogs and his ability to play within his budget.

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