Paulo Brombim faz FT no $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox HR

Paulo Brombim faz FT no $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox...

Paulo Brombim dropped out of the championship race in fourth place on Wednesday 6th in his $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox HR. His balance increased by a total of $19,041. Peter Patricio lost in the six-man event for $6,084.

Peter didn’t stop there. He won the $840 High Roller Bounty warm-up event and took home another $8,300.

Meanwhile, Lucas Rocha rounded out the podium in his $215 Daily Heater [Bounty Turbo]. He won $6,358 after defeating 160 opponents.

In the $150 Bounty Hunter Special, Erich Rodrigues won gold and $5,722. The tournament featured 253 competitors.

Diogo “DFdS123” Ferreira also finished second out of 41 entries in the $525 High Roller Post-Event, an achievement that earned him $5,040 .

Paulo Brombim faz FT no $1,050 Wednesday Wonderbox...

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  • This text provides a summary of the performances of various participants in different poker championship events. It highlights the winnings and achievements of Paulo Brombim, Peter Patricio, Lucas Rocha, Erich Rodrigues, and Diogo Ferreira.

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    This text provides an overview of various players and their achievements in different poker tournaments. It shows the varying levels of success and prize money won by each player, highlighting their individual performances in different events.

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