Record for Prizes Renewed by Justin Bonomo

World Poker Tour: Justin Bonomo Breaks All-Time Record

One of the finest players in the world, Justin Bonomo, is once again making waves in the poker press. The American’s total prize money at the offline tables reached $60,000,000 when he finished in the top six of a $250,000 event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

Only he has ever won so much money in tournaments: $60,222,952.

Bonomo has been in a tight race for the top spot with Bryn Kenney, who rose to prominence by making a deal during the most expensive poker event in history, for quite some time. He was first because he won about $20 million in prize money. Throughout his career, Justin has earned a total of $10 million.

At first, they alternated at the top of the ranking, but then Breen stopped playing the offline game, allowing Bonomo to gain ground once again. At $57,265,665, Kenny is now in second position.

On a yearly basis, Daniel Negreanu takes home the third-place reward of $50,115,498. KidPoker struggled for a long time to get over the $50 million barrier, but eventually managed to recover from the setback to win the Super High Roller Bowl.

These are the current top 10 poker players in the world.

No. 1: Justin Bonomo – $60,222,954.

2nd place: Bryn Kenny – $57,265,665.

3rd place: Daniel Negreanu – $50,116,498.

Fourth place: Stephen Chidwick – $44,665,132.

5th place: Eric Seidel – $42,448,294.

6th place: Jason Kuhn – $42,387,726.

7th place: David Peters – $42,044,584.

8th place: Dan Smith – $39,677,357.

9th place: Nikita Bodiakowski – $38,302,021.

10th place: Phil Ivey – $38,281,866.

Before, the rankings would shift just a few times a year; now, with the advent of so many high-priced series, the list is now constantly shifting. It just takes a few of good showings at Triton Poker to move up a few positions in the rankings for the $250,000 events that are held at different EPT venues.

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