Renan Carlos Bruschi Leaves SCOOP Titans HR in 6th Place

At SCOOP 2023’s inaugural Titan High Roller, star Renan Carlos Bruschi is the only player in the country to maintain ITM status. Back at the PokerStars final table, the “Internet93o” customer drive lasted just over an hour. He finished sixth for $47,280.

His tormentor was an old Brazilian acquaintance, Brit Sam “SamSquid” Grafton. Here’s Renan’s farewell:

With the blinds at 35,000/70,000 and an 8,750 ante, Renan min-raised from the CO. Grafton then defended the big hand and announced a 3-bet to 420,000. Renan held 1,097,292 and responded with a 4-bet all-in. Grafton decided to call 1,548,966 with 10♦10♠. With the A♥7♥ advantage, Renan didn’t find any outs on the 4♦3♦8♣9♠2♣ board.

Titans beat the $600,000 guarantee and cashed $820,000 with 164 stakes of $5,200. The winner will receive a total of $165,317.

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  • This text provides a brief overview of Renan Carlos Bruschi’s performance at the SCOOP 2023s Titan High Roller poker tournament, highlighting his achievement of being the only player in the country to maintain ITM status. It also mentions his elimination by Sam SamSquid Grafton and provides some details of the hand that led to his exit.

  • This text describes a high-stakes poker tournament where a player named Renan Bruschi was eliminated in sixth place after a confrontation with another player. Despite not winning, Renan still walked away with a significant prize of $47,280.

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