Thiago Camilo takes home R$472,000 after winning the LAPT Rio’s High Roller and the tournament overall.

During the LAPT Rio goodbye, men and women from Brazil sported beards, hair, and mustaches. Thiago Camilo won a heated heads-up match against Johann Ibáez of Colombia to keep the High Roller trophy in Brazil. The Stock Car Pro Series driver took home R$472,000 for his win.

Thiago wasn’t alone on the podium; Kelvin Kerber was there, too. The Samba Team member’s spouse took home his third six-figure prize of the competition, for R$ 219,000. He finished in second place last week in the single-day high rollers, winning R$155,840 and R$108,650.

While he does not play professionally, Thiago has an impressive record in MTTs. The multiple Million Race winner has been actively competing in high-stakes events for the last decade.

The High Roller event more than quadrupled its $500,000 guarantee with 81 registrations at $25,000. See how much each competitor pocketed out of the $1,000,000 prize pool.

First place, Brazil’s Thiago Camilo, R$472,000

Second: R$334,500 to Johann Ibaez of Colombia

R$ 219,000 for #3 Kelvin Kerber of Brazil

4. R$168,600 for Pedro Madeira of Brazil

5. R$ 133,630 for Moyses Cohen of Brazil

Carlos Henrique Ferreira of Brazil, who won R$ 104,500, was ranked sixth.

7th place: R$82,220 to Colombia’s Carlos Serrano

8. R$64,240 for Ariel Bahia of Brazil

9 – Oswaldo Soliz (Peru) – $48.830

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