Tigergaming’s Mysterious Tournament Series: $600,000 in Prize Money

The Chico Network Skins will host the Mystery Series as their inaugural spring event. With 30 events, it is expected to generate at least $638,000. Participants will get unique Gift Boxes containing random gifts and learn how multi-day events work.

Chico Network Mysteries $600,000 G.T.D.

Functions in a Series.

The Chico Network of America has not only replaced the director of the department responsible for tournament schedule planning, but has also been striving to add new forms and series brands into its regular program.

Festivals are one new addition, rewarding gamers with tickets to events and a chance at random rewards. The first installment of this format will premiere in the spring of 2023.

There will be 30 events in the Mystery Series with a total prize pool of $600,000 from March 27th to April 3rd on TigerGaming, BetOnline, and Sportsbetting.

The first ever network-wide multi-day competitions are the festival’s principal “highlight.” Its rivals have used this model for a while now to announce tournaments with larger rewards. The Mystery Series will include multi-stage MTTs with entry fees ranging from $500 to $1,000.

Four $11, $33, $55, and $109 events with $5,000 to $30,000 in prize money are the backbone of the calendar.

Schedule for the whole Mystery Series:

Unknown Poker Payouts.

Such incentives may be earned for three distinct behaviors:

Get the competition started by eliminating the weakest participant.

Take eliminate the tournament’s first loser.

Taking part in every tournament in the series in a single day without winning anything.

The Gift Box randomly distributes bonuses.



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