Where can I see current rake race standings?

Poker rooms, although offering a wider choice of contests and promos, are not in a rush to abandon the tried-and-true races. Where one stands on these campaigns’ leaderboards has always been a pressing concern for those taking part in them. This post will teach you how to locate them in various settings.

Where Can I See Rake Race Standings?

If a Grinder is going to spend time and effort competing for rake, he or she will want to know exactly where they are in the rankings, how far they are from the next closest competitors, whether or not they can improve their standing, and whether or not it makes any sense to do so.

Players may find the answers to these questions and more in dedicated parts of poker room websites and clients. But how can one most efficiently go to the desired page, and what information may be found there?


Online PokerOK Rankings

All sports except MTT may use the daily leaderboards in this area. The real results of the races are updated promptly, so even at the poker tables you can see where you are in terms of the leaderboard and how much money you can expect to win if you finish in the money.

The promotional banner at the table lobby may be clicked for further details.

A table with a pull-down calendar and time restrictions appears when the player scrolls down the opened page. Information from the tables is repeated above, and a list of participants with their handles, home countries, point totals, and prize amounts is provided below.

You may use the round arrow to force an automatic refresh of the list. As people enter the room for the first time during a given month, they may look over the results of the previous rounds of races and learn the aliases of the most active members of the group.

Strong alliance

List of Poker Kings’ Top Finishers

Clicking the “Leaderboard” link in the client’s top right will take you to a page displaying the ratings for one of the two races on this American network’s skins.

In addition to the usual fare, you can learn here when the next $95 tournament will be conducted and when the victors will get their tickets (registration is automatic). If you need to find a player quickly, you may use the dedicated nickname search line.

You may see the results of the previous race by clicking the “Prev.Result” button; however, subsequent race standings are not shown.

Chico System.

The “My Missions” button takes you to a client area where you can get details on discounts for its rooms. Registration for the races is required.

Selecting a promotion’s name on the right side of the window will bring up a description of that offer and a disabled “Top200” button. The inclusion of a timer indicating when the special offer will expire is a nice touch.

The World of Poker.

Although the roulette client was developed by the same company as Chico’s, it features a slightly different interface, and unlike the majority of other sites, regular rake-raids are not conducted against cash players.

Cash-Actions will take you to the appropriate area inside the app. The top 25 players—typically everyone who hits the rewards in local races—are shown in the results area, and there is no need to register for the promotion.

Network for betting purposes.

The identical method used in Pokerka is functional in Vbet Poker. Indeed, the €7,000 raceRoyal Cash banner is rotatable among three other banners in a carousel accessible from any client lobby (apart from Spins).

The throne race, according to the Vbet poker rankings

The opening page displays the new promotion’s kickoff date, followed by the top three positions. The X must be clicked in order to open them. There are 20 names on each list, with the top 15 receiving cash awards.

For the most up-to-date results in the Grompoker Royal Cash Race, players can check the room’s “News & Promotions” section of their website. There might be pauses of many days between each phase.

Network Horizon

Similar to Vbet, you can easily find the link to your region’s weekly FPP Race website. Its banner will display in any lobby, but you won’t be able to pick it until it naturally appears in the carousel.

Each of the top 100 players from the current rating as shown on the promotion page (nickname, payout size and number of points scored). You may do a search for the past seven days of racing results and by nickname.

The iPoker Network.

Since the VIP system already offers good rakeback, races are seldom held in its rooms. Nonetheless, such raises do occur on occasion in this country as well. Next, go to the “Missions” menu and look under one of the submenus for the star ratings.

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