YouAreObv Wins Winamax Series 6-Max Masters Championship

YouAreObv Wins Winamax Series 6-Max Masters Champi...

No. 4 of the Winamax Series took place yesterday at Winamax. Twenty-TwoMTT Festival has ended, and 2.1 million eurosprizes have been distributed. In addition, there were 13 regular tournaments with pots over €10,000, with a further €206,000 paid out.

YouAreObv, star of the day in Winamax series

“YouAreObv” was the big protagonist of the day, winning the biggest tournament, WinamaxSeries – 44 : 250 € NLHE – MasterChampion6-Max and won the highest prize of the day: 62,133 € . 29.

In addition, the two winners received prizes of more than 20,000 euros:

rafantoine .7 In WSE-42: 50 € NLHE Master 6 -Max: 34,280.68 €.

I was kidnapped at WSE 39: 10 € NLHE Master 6-Max: 20,722.61 €.

A further eight winners received prizes of over €10,000. Largest prize pool

For prize pool, 9 gamesexceed €100,000 Jackpot:

  1. WSE-39 (€131,000).
  2. WSE- 42 (€206,000).
  3. WSE-44 (€331,000).
  4. WSE-78 (€140,000).
  5. WSE-79 (€107,000).
  6. WSE-80 (€167,000).
  7. WSE-80 (€167,000).
  8. WSE-83 (€112,000).
  9. WSE-86 (€139,000).
  10. WSE-93 (€100,000).

YouAreObv Wins Winamax Series 6-Max Masters Champi...

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  • This text provides information about the recent Winamax Series event, including the total prize pool and the winners of the main tournaments. It highlights the large sums of money awarded to the winners and mentions the games with the highest prize pools.

  • Stanton.vernie

    This text provides a summary of the recent Winamax Series tournament, highlighting the large prize pools and significant winnings of the participating players. It shows the competitive nature of the event and the substantial rewards available for successful players.

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